Smart Meter

Smart Meter read out remotly save energy, no installation needed

Daily reading – consumption data on quarterly data for electricity and on an hourly basis for gas
During the first two months you will receive a clear insight into your energy consumption for free

It does not matter what energy provider you have
Only a smart meter is needed to read your data

Our customers give us positive feedback and are happy with the consumption insight!

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Realtime data

Real-Time energy insight to save even more by direct actions

By tracking your energy consumption real-time you can do much more. You can set notifications when certain devices are switched on or off. You can intervene immediately if you see that Big energy users remain on.

You can immediately see that your solar energy production is going up and going to use this energy yourself.

We place so-called “intermediate meters” that give real-time insight into consumption of specific devices.

We can also read out large consumption connections meters to give a complete picture of the consumption and saving potential.

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Demand response

Our smart technology switches devices on and off in order to save energy and money

For businesses and households there is immediate money to be made by offering flexibility of energy consumption. Due to more wind and solar energy, energy is available at varying times.

In order to prevent overloading of the power grid, the network manager applies the power to take off power at flexible times.

Devices that can be switched on and off flexibly such as heat pumps, emergency units, heating and cooling / freezing installations can make use of this.

We offer the opportunity for companies and consumers to benefit from this imbalance market and flexible energy prices.

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What we do?

  • We help businesses to achieve sustainable energy usage and -savings
  • We collect and process relevant data regarding energy usage in order to reduce energy usage and to boost sustainable energy consumption
  • We utilize SMART tools as sensors (IoT), data analytics (big data) and Smart contracts (blockchain)
  • We have SMART sustainable solutions to lower energy consumption, increase sustainable energy usage and consumption
  • We build propositions for a sustainable future
  • We work with an eco system of highly innovative partners

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Energy Uses

Sustainable energy production 2016 (%)

The Netherlands


Household large consumers (% of total)

Electrical Boiler (>20 liter)

Television (42 inch plasma)

Who we are?

At Smartdodos we help by reading and interpreting the data from your Smart Meter and Real-Time Meters. We do this via connections with grid companies and with our own measurement technology. This helps you with direct energy insight so you never have to guess what are the big energy consumers and you will have no more problems with the saving of energy and use of sustainable energy. Smartdodos was founded by: Eelco Boers a seasoned entrepreneur and professional with ample experience with innovative digital and SMART (analytical) solutions. Oleg Polovets a experienced technical manager and business developer in the energy industry. He managed, build and delivered successfully a broad range of software and big data projects. Sanya Nikulin a very experienced developer, team lead and scrum master. With a great entrepreneurial spirit and experience. Aart-Jan Schouten a seasoned management consultant and business developer in the area of innovative (IoT) solutions.


We stand together before a major energy transition in which we have to save energy and use more sustainable energy. By applying smart insight, the consumption of energy can often be adjusted to the moment of the production of renewable energy, such as wind and solar energy. To enable this one needs firs starts insights in which device consumes what and when and it leads to smart switching of devices.

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