How we do it

What does SmartDodos do?

SmartDodos can read out smartmeters in the Netherlands. Supplying 15 minute data of yesterday. It also can monitor realtime energy usage or production. Herefor we place “in-between meters” on location or use partners for this. Thirdly we can switch intelligently devices on or off based on energy market prices or un-balance energy markets.

Hereunder follows an explanation regarding the read-out of smartmeters. Via our login you can directly access this service.

How does Smartdodos know my meter readings?

Do you have a smart meter? Which is good! Every 15 minutes the meter sends the last meter readings to the public servers. These are protected servers, connected to your provider of electrical networks. Only after many checks, accreditation, obtaining a license and permission from the user, Smartdodos can start reading your meter readings.

What happens with my data ?

Your data comes on protected servers from Smartdodos. There, the data is subdivided into components, made anonymous, coded and placed in the database. Only registered users can view their own meter readings of smart meters.

Is it reliable?

Your data is stored on the protected servers of Smartdodos. We will keep them independent of your energy supplier, until you stop reading your data yourself by Smartdodos..

I can’t wait!

The details of the grid manager come in the next day. So you can see the data from the previous day and from the days before. Do you want to receive the data immediately? We have solutions for realtime monitoring. You can contact us for more information on realtime monitoring.