smartdodos smart meter

Prices of our products

Smart meter

We have various options for reading an ordinary smart meter in a normal house, so-called Small Consumption (KV), which is € 19 per year.

First you can test for at least 2 months for free and you immediately have the option to unsubscribe when the time comes to pay. Here you have a single login, unlimited history, costs and temperature data.

For small business expenses, the costs are 39 euros per building per year.

Multiple logins with multiple rights are then possible. For so-called Large Consumption connections the costs are on request. This depends, among other things, on the measuring company that provides the meter.


For Real-Time the costs are also on request. Namely depending on where and how intermediate meters have to be placed.

Demand response

These are customized projects where we first perform an analysis of which equipment for demand response is eligible. Then we calculate the total benefit to be gained. On the basis of these findings, the project is defined and a tailor-made price is made.