Smart meter readings

smartdodos smart meter

Read out smart meters remotely

Daily reading off consumption data on 15 minute basis for electricity and on an hourly basis for gas
During the first two months you will receive a clear insight into your energy consumption for free
It does not matter what energy provider you have
Only a smart meter is needed to read your data
How does it work
Our customers give us positive feedback and are happy with the insight!

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Create an Account

Do not have a smart meter, but do you want one? You can do that here!

Full control

Sign up at and get the full picture of the consumption and production of electricity in your home. The latter if you also own solar panels. We offer useful reports so that your budget can be checked every 15 minutes! The only thing you need is a smart meter. If you do not have a smart meter yet, click here for more information on how to get it.


SmartDodos provides you with clear graphs and wizzards to give you a complete picture of your energy consumption and possible energy generation. You are able to identify your energy users, compare gas and electricity consumption with your neighborhood, manage your energy budget and see how much money you saved this month.

Gas and Elektricity reports

The most user-friendly reports and dashboards will help you manage your energy consumption and reduce your own energy expenditure through insight.

We can predict

SmartDodos can indicate whether your advance payment is sufficient and can predict whether you have to pay extra at the end of the year or receive a refund if the behavior remains the same.

If you want to see how it works, click here.

Find out more about your consumption

Do you want to know at what times of the day you consume the most? Then we can give you advice based on this information.

Compare your consumption with your neighbors

We offer a scientific basis which enables users to compare their gas and electricity consumption with their homes in the neighborhood or with comparable homes. Where your privacy is always guaranteed.

Why SmartDodos?

Because SmartDodos goes beyond the numbers on your meter

  • Understand how your smart meter works

    By using the latest technology we can provide you with a lot of information about your use.


    How does Smartdodos get your data? You can find more about it on this page.

  • Stay independent

    It does not matter with which energy supplier you are connected! SmartDodos is able to read every independent smart meter without any problems. Only your permission is necessary. How it works

  • Check the amount of your monthly amount

    We analyze the consumption of the previous year and on this basis we make a prognosis for the monthly payments. We also give you free advice on a correct advance amount.

    On the page Consumption Costs Overview (VKO) have prepared a report about your monthly consumption and expenses. More details can be found on this page.

  • Free 2 months on trial and no additional costs!

    No tools are needed, nothing needs to be assembled – it’s for 2 months on trial. Access your data in two simple steps:

    1) Create an account on SmartDodos

    2) After we have informed your network administrator (3-5 days) you will immediately get an overview of your previous year.

    Read here the details about the processing of data.

  • Take good care of your data!

    You also retain the measurements of your smart meter if you change energy supplier.

    More about this feature here soon.

  • Compare and save!

    It starts with a good insight. If you do not know how much you use you can not save money!

    – Discover your standby consumption!

    – Compare it with the outside temperature

  • Export your meter readings?

    Now you can export the monthly meter readings of the smart meter in CVS format and then edit it yourself if you wish

  • I have solar panels

    SmartDodos makes it possible to view the production of your solar panels and your wind turbines. Read more about on this page soon.