SmartDodos smart meter read 2 months on trial. How is that possible?

We want happy customers. That is why we like to let our customers experience the value of our product with a smart meter for 2 months. We keep your data and ensure that these are not used immediately for commercial purposes. To make this possible for now and in the future, we ask for a fee for our services. In this way we can guarantee the quality and integrity of our services

Do I have to pay my network administrator to obtain data?

We can request the measurement data from the network manager with your permission. You have no further costs for this service from requesting the smart meter

How long will it take before I can see my data?

Before your data is available on SmartDodos, different steps are taken. The most important steps are:

  • Address verification: You will be asked to pass on the unique number of your meter. This is unique to your meter at home. Only you and your measurement company know that which meter number belongs to which address. This means that you are checked whether you actually request the details of your own home or business premises.
  • Request for demand for consumption data: In this step we ask the network operator approval for the delivery of the consumption data. For this you have given us your consent during the registration. Usually the processing time of this application takes five working days. If the first consumption data has been read in, you will receive an e-mail. In some cases it can take longer. In that case, it is advisable to contact your energy provider.

I can log in, but I do not yet see consumption data in the graphs. Did I forget something?

It is probably due to the processing time of our request for delivery of your consumption data from your network operator. We have no influence on this process. It can happen that it takes longer than 5 days before the delivery is initiated. In that case, it is advisable to contact your provider. It may also be that you do not have a smart meter yet. In this case you can see here how you request a smart meter.

There are days without data in my graphs. How is that possible?

We show you the information we have received from the network operator. Usually it takes a little longer for wede to receive data from the first day. If there are days missing, we can retrieve the missing data from the network operator for 10 days afterwards. After that this is no longer possible. We depend on the data provided by the network administrator. If there is still data missing then we unfortunately can not do anything about it.

How do I know that I have a smart meter?

The easiest way is to call your provider and ask if you have a smart meter. If you do not know who your network administrator is, you can find it on www.eancodeboek.nl. There are meters installed that do not meet the current standard for smart meters. They can then not be read remotely.

Request smart meter?

If you do not want to wait for your network operator’s offer, you can request a smart meter from your network operator before. This is also called ‘priority application’. Note: the grid operator may charge costs for the placement of the smart meter (s) in a priority request.

Are you going to renovate or do you have new construction plans? Your network manager will then install a smart meter as standard. Requesting a new connection or changing an existing connection can be easily arranged via the website mijnaansluiting.nl. You can only request a smart meter from your network operator. Your place of residence determines who your network operator is. Check the website of your network operator for more information about a priority request from the smart meter:

How do I enter my rates?

The rates must be completed according to a certain standard. An example of a correctly entered rate: 0.2330.

I do not see any data for my gas consumption. How is that possible?

There may be a number of things that are the cause for missing gas data.

1. There is a smart electricity meter, but there is no smart gas meter. You have to have that put in, otherwise we can not understand.

2. No correct EAN code has been entered. Check the EAN code on the invoice from the energy supplier. If this code is different, you can report this via the contact form.

3. You have two different network operators. Sometimes communication between these operators does not go smoothly. It is advisable to contact your network operator for electricity and explain the problem to him.

Why has my application not been approved by the network administrator?

The most common reason is that no smart meter has been installed. You can check whether you have a smart meter by looking at the website of your network operator. You can also contact your network operator. It is also possible that you have entered a wrong EAN code, then look at the EAN code on the invoice of the energy supplier.

I have solar panels, but I do not see any returns in the graphs. How is that possible?

When registering, you must indicate that you are also supplying energy. Chances are you have overlooked this. No problem, after logging in you can still enable this option on the menu bar in the ‘my data’ section.

I have solar panels, but redelivery does not match the data from the inverter..

That’s correct. We register a return delivery if you use less than your solar panels. While the inverter only records the production. That is an important difference.

We are also integrating inverter data into the dashboard as a new feature. If you are interested in this, please contact us.

Two EAN for electricity?

You may have two EAN codes if you have solar panels and / or batteries. In a number of cases it appeared that the data for deliveries and refunds were registered for both EANs. Before we have received other EAN data. We advise you to consult your energy supplier’s bill for the correct EAN code for your electricity meter.

What is sleep consumption exactly?

Sleep consumption is the standby consumption of your devices. So the consumption while they are not active. You can think of adapters, Wi-Fi stations, televisions on standby, refrigerators and freezers. Because these devices work all day long, they are responsible for a large part of the total consumption in many households. We approach the shutter consumption by calculating the energy consumption in the rest periods. Here we use our algorithm to make an estimate based on the lowest consumption. The slumber consumption is part of the total consumption.

I’m moving. What should I do now?

You can send us a message about your move. We will delete your old account and we will stop your data. In addition, we will delete your data within 5 working days. You can log in again with the details of your new home, of course only if you also provide us with your new home address and meter number. Then you can start with a clean slate!

Where can I find my meter number?

You can find your meter number just below a bar code on your electricity meter. For more information visit this page which could help you.

Do you have any questions?

Ask us! info@SmartDodos.com